Partia 2 Reviewed by TouchArcade! Burnt Good!

Or should I say scorned and scorched? Ha ha. Here’s the review:

And after giving it a thorough read, I’m surprised and grateful the reviewer granted a (must be barely achieved or given out of pity) three stars out of five. It could have been much worse, considering the conclusion was that flattery (Partia in this context) will get you nowhere!

Putting the review aside, I think it’s both a blessing and a curse to be compared to Fire Emblem, because Partia is clearly an inferior game to Fire Emblem series, made by 2-3 guys (with 100% of game itself put together by me) so it will endlessly disappoint the standard it aspires to be. It is mostly appreciated as a cheap, knock-off product and seldom as its own self.

Then again that comparison is what people seems to seek out. The goal of Partia was never to be a clone of Fire Emblem and Tear Ring Saga series for the sake of being a clone, but to become a good game itself with different/modified rules and systems. A lot of people though like the game because Partia is something like Fire Emblem on mobile. If that’s what a customer wants, what can I object to? I can only hope one will have a perspective that is kind to what Partia really is; it’s a campaign of SPRG crafted with love by a lover of the genre. And a lot of people who gave the game good reviews had exactly that!

And let’s not hide behind an argument “Well, it’s an indie and low budget so it’s not as good as the old ones” because it is poor and invalid. My question, and the real question is if the game is enjoyable or not, and if it is worth its price or not. I think it is because six dollars is less than what I pay for lunch every day, and the game provided 30+ hours of jolly SRPG fun for me.

*As for clarification, weapon triangle (+-10~15 to the hit/evade) is in the game, but in Partia it is overshadowed by the proficiency modification (a Unit will improve in other weapons than what it uses by fighting with other types), surround penalty (if you’re outnumbered and surrounded evasion goes down, unless you have a skill that dampens the penalty), and some skill modifications like sword evasion or lance evasion.

*I see many complaints about the slowness of enemies yet AI pauses only for 0.5 sec before starting to move…

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