Walkthrough material for Partia

The game has been out for a month in Android and about two weeks at Apple but no one has yet to tell me that he/she finished the game. Apple Game Center Leaderboard is an indicator of people’s progress, and there’s only one person who is very close to the end of the game but no cigar. (On the other side it tells me a lot of people has not cleared Stage 2 yet. About half the board!)

I’ve thought of writing a walkthrough or a manual for Partia games but I am not an organized writer. But here let me try all things one should know.

<Partia 1>

Stage 1, Tatum is at Inn.

Stage 2, Kyler is NOT a unit you can recruit.

Stage 2, by saving the village you get 3000 crown and Speed Ring.

Stage 3, you can clear the stage by defending the position for 12 turns.

Stage 4, Murray can be recruited by Cala talking to him.

Stage 4, Runa and Zavin are at Inn.

Stage 5, there is no consequence to killing the refuges.

Stage 7, there is dialog between main character and Cala.

Stage 9, there are two endings based on whether main character is dead or not.

<Partia 2>

Now units can enter a lot of houses and caves to get dialogs or items.

Weapon triangle severity is up from +-10 to +-15.

All chests in the game reward random item. It can be ordinary or wildly valuable!

Warp, Rescue, and Repair staff can be used by any healer.

In order to use Repair staff, the healer must have the target item in its inventory.

Any unit can use repair kit (Again the target item must be in its inventory).

Stage 2, Kerns is at Inn.

Stage 3, Arthur can be recruited by either Raf or Serene talking to him

Stage 3 and 10 have shops sell rare items that you cannot buy anywhere else in the game, such as skill scrolls.

Stage 11, if Elle dies it’s game over. Also note some walls are breakable.

Stage 12, all units have to exit the map through the arrows on Northern edge or kill all enemies.

Stage 14, all units have to exit the map through the arrows on (top and bottom part of) Western edge.

Stage 15, you can free the hostages by opening the cell door.

Stage 16, the losing condition is if an enemy enters the inner castle area.

Stage 18, if you kill Severin, then you can talk to Erin. This is VERY important but never hinted anywhere in the game…

Stage 20, enemies randomly spawn at tents locations. So the goal is to remove all tents before facing the boss.

Stage 21, all units have to exit the map through the arrows at South.

Stage 22, it can be crazy difficult but I assure you it is beatable without cheats. My advise is to have tank to absorb magic attacks by having a unit equipped with Gram (+10 str +10 mgc) and Mdef cape. Or a mage with jewel and Mdef cape work too. Meteor only have 5 usages.

Stage 1, 4, 6, 10, and 19 have a random unit staying at the Inn. Their names are different but some are clones of famous heroes…

Recurring characters from Partia 1 are Thomas, Mantel, and Natalie.

Maybe I should list all the skills and items, along with the actual formula for hit/evasion next time.

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32 Responses to Walkthrough material for Partia

  1. shawnmassak says:

    I loved Partia and am currently playing through Partia 2.

    Right now I’m stuck though and could use some help. I am on level 15. I have two keys with me. Is there a way for me to actually beat this level? I can’t find a way to get to the top of the castle without needing another key. Am I missing something? I’ve been looking everywhere for a walkthrough and can’t find one anywhere.

    • playimago says:

      Hi Shawn,

      From my memory you technically need only one key (on the top of the court yard door) to open and beat stage 15!
      But if you want to be more safe and thorough with two keys why don’t you bring in some thief/rogue and let them open the doors? The keys won’t be spent when used by them.

      Thank you!

      • shawnmassak says:

        Hmmm, it wasn’t letting me climb the stairs once I opened the door. Also, my thief died very early on…maybe it’s time to start a new game.

        Thanks for the help though, I really love the game you put together. As a fan of old school sRPGs (Shining Force II is my favorite of all time), Partia is pretty much the only game I’ve downloaded on my tablet that I’m actively playing through.

        • playimago says:

          OMG! Actually there IS a bug that front door seems to be double locked so you have to open AGAIN in order to pass even though the door is invisible. Ha ha! That was funny but I fixed the bug so it’ll not be so in the next release. Sorry about that! Replaying the game is up to you but at least with 2 keys you can get over that stage… but maybe you should be buying all the available keys for upcoming stages if you don’t have any rogues. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Shining Force (upto 3) series is wicked good too. I loved them although I always thought they needed perma-death as well!

          On the other hand, as much as I love Langrisser I never beat any of that series… I wonder why?

          • Alex says:

            Hi On Stage 15 (severin and Erin getting married) I notice there are a ton of characters who fought along side to us. Are they definitely enemies now (do i need to kill them ?) or should i not kill them as they join me ?

            thanks !

            • playimago says:

              Hi Alex,

              If you kill Severin and talk to Erin with your main character then all former allies, including Erin will join you again!

              Unless you’ve kill them of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is no real consequence to killing them so no worries!

  2. ecuryan says:


    I got a Book of Light out of a chest, but I can’t figure out how to use it. It says it’s a weapon, but also that it affects stat growth. I’ve tried it with everyone, but nothing happens. How do I use it?

    • playimago says:

      Hi ecuryan!

      I wrote on the blog on the effects of the books and character stats! They affect a character stat growth at level up just by having them in the character’s inventory. I think you were lucky to get a book of light, and it is a very rare item! You can only get it through the random chests or if you’re really lucky a random character may have it. Either way a super item for gaining Mgc.

      I hope it clears up! Thank you for playing the game!

  3. alan says:

    What happened to Erin in the end? I never understood why she rebelled

    • playimago says:

      Hi Alan! According to the story (in my head) Erin wanted to get out of her brother’s shadow, so when Malak made a proposition of making her the heiress upon her cooperation she gave into the temptation.
      As for what happened to her in the end if you saved her, I couldn’t decide what became of her (Marry a prince somewhere or become something wild?) I left her destiny to the imagination of players…
      All in all, If I have an opportunity to continue P2 main character’s tale, she might play a role!

  4. Ben says:

    Hi ^_^

    i need to know, who Playable the character in partia2?

    thank you..

    • playimago says:

      Hi Ben, there is no transferable character from Partia 1 to 2 unfortunately! I guess among playable characters from P1 only Thomas is also playable in P2. I mean to include more recurring characters in the future though. Thank you!

  5. ImmaRektyou says:

    Hi ? Can i have some link to the Partia 1 . i only got 2 . ~

    • playimago says:

      Hi, that is very strange! Search the app store you got Partia 2 for Partia and the first game should show up. If that fails I’m sure Google search will reveal some! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Royce Abshire says:

    Hi! Loving the P 2nd, I don’t know if you’ve already said but what does the necklace do? Also I was hoping you consider having support conversations in P 3rd. The support conversations were one of my favorite aspects of the FE games. I for one would pay more if you would include them. Thanks again for these awesome games! โ™กโ™กโ™ก Z.Z.

    • playimago says:

      Hi Royce! Thanks for enjoying our games! The necklaces are luck modifier where silver one boosting the luck and gold one reducing it. (+- 10)

      As for the support conversations, I can tell you it is definitely a LOT of work. In fact Will H. was working on writing those friendship conversations for P3 before the team got (sdaly) disbanded.

      But yeah if P3 ever get back on track, I will be putting those nice character developments into the game. I am currently looking for recruiting new team members to continue developing P3.

      Thank you very much!

      • Royce Abshire says:

        I’m so sorry to hear that… what kind of personnel are you looking for?

        Thanks for the information regarding the necklaces. I was wondering if you would explain some of the activation criteria for the personal skills like pickpocketing or counter-attacking.

        I hope the future of your game company has brighter days ahead!

        • playimago says:

          Haha I guess the top priority is always a good level designer. But I wish for a person who can design not only the level but also the stage overall: I mean enemy stats, mix, locations, reinforcements, etc.

          Now as for the activation formula:
          pickpocket chance = attacker’s skl + spd + luk + 10
          pickpocket def chance = defender’s luk
          if Random(mod 100) < chance – def chance = steal an item that's not equipped

          Counter attacker: while defending, if able to counter, +40 to attacker hit chance and +30 to defender hit chance.

          Perhaps I should swap the two numbers in the future as it is a disadvantageous exchange!

          • Royce Abshire says:

            Thanks! So much! Would you consider making a comprehensive skill activation list and maybe a brief explanation of all the skills?

            I have a friend who just graduated from Lsu for design and animation at the top of her class. My email is royceabshire@gmail.com I think she would be an smashing addition!

  7. Anymouh says:

    Hye guys,im need help im partia 2.i cant beat the stage 15,open snare.someone please help me how to beat this stage

    • Jsjjjj says:

      Stage 16,sorry

      • Dustin says:

        Hi Jsjjj, there were some bugs with path on right side not working but it should be fixed in newer releases! Beside that, you can beat the stage by beating the boss! Please let me know if that doesn’t solve the issue. Thank you!

  8. chhonleang says:

    In stage 16 partia 2 i cant defend the dragon fly in the royal. I always lose. Pls help me

    • felover says:

      Hi chhonleang, if a few level up at the arena doesn’t help, then I would recommend a ultra defensive strategy of pulling back to the walls and guard the gate!

  9. chhonleang says:

    Can dragon be promoted ? Can u tell me about all the skill

    • felover says:

      Yes the dragon knights can be promoted to dragon master with ‘Courage’ item use! As for skills I will try to write a document that lists all current skills either today or tomorrow!

  10. Nasym says:

    How many keys I need for stage 7 on P1 the chapter with darkness pls help me D: I can find out

    • felover says:

      Hi Nasym, stage 7 has 6 doors and 6 chests total, but since one door opens by an event, I guess you need 11 keys total! But if you bring a thief with you he/she can open door and chests without losing the key. Thank you!

  11. Sirdick says:

    Hi can I restart the game using old save? I mean still having same stats and items?

  12. Sirdick says:

    Also when is partia 3 coming out? I’ll definitely buy it immediately

    • felover says:

      I cannot say I’ve abandoned the project as I was just working on it last weekend. But it is going at an snail’s pace for sure! I’ve only begun to script stage 5 out of planned 25…

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