Partia Surrounded Penalty Formula

Since David Dorner (from Germany!) asked, I’ve written up the formula for the ‘Surrounded Penalty’ formula and I guess I should make it public as well!

Now this should apply Android version of Partia 1 and 2, and iOS version of Partia 2.

directly touching = either up, down, left or right of the unit.
x =  number of directly touching enemies – number of directly touching allies
y = number of close enemies (distance 2, so including diagonal) – number of close allies
z = number of somewhat close enemies (distance 3) – number of somewhat close allies
if (x == 1) evasion penalty + 5
if (x == 2) evasion penalty + 10
if (x == 3) evasion penalty + 20
if (x == 4) evasion penalty + 40 //surrounded

if (y > 0) evasion penalty + 2 * y
if (z > 0) evasion penalty + 1 * z

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2 Responses to Partia Surrounded Penalty Formula

  1. Josh says:

    That’s a pretty cool addition, kind of like a double edged sword version of the support system in FE: Awakening

    • playimago says:

      Yeah, I thought it would give some value to massing units versus spreading them out! Also now you can surround the enemy to hit if she has too great an evasion. 😉

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