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Partia: How to miss with 100%

So Trevius asked me “How is it possible for me to miss twice with 100 % hit. Then get killed by a critical hit of 15% hit 25%” of which my first response was “What? How was that possible?” until … Continue reading

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Stat growth formula and promotion bonus in Partia

Let’s respond to some of Will’s questions here! Or before that, there are lovely Partia Walkthrough written by Kai ( in Japanese, which I received a permission from him to translate to English yet haven’t got around to it yet … Continue reading

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Partia books and character growth

<Edit: included Partia 1 characters initial stats> So the question I’ve been getting recently is what do books do in Partia. In short books boost/reduce stat growth chance at level up, and they are identical copies of books in FE … Continue reading

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