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Partia 3 Walkthrough by Lanzz

The amazing Lanzz wrote, perhaps the most complete walkthrough you will ever find of the game. Also it seems he was able to acquire all the holy weapons available in the game. The GameFAQ link: The Neoseeker link: reading

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Hey, the game is reviewed at PocketTactics!

During my Friday night search for some feedbacks, I’ve found the game Partia 3 was reviewed at PocketTactics! Here’s the link: Now, the review was refreshing because it started out with musing on my resigned stance in the game/app … Continue reading

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Another (almost) critical bug

Much thanks to Jason Mildren who reported this bug to me. Currently in Partia 3 stage 15, version 1.0.3 and less, if Castro is mauled by someone other than Truel, then the game will stay in the dragon rider on … Continue reading

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Partia 3 – ‘You’ character creation

‘You’ character class was… randomly chosen before Android v1.0.2 release 8. This was because the idea of combining all the answers to determine the character class was overwhelming when I was working on that portion. (I thought I’d revisit this … Continue reading

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