Partia 3 Walkthrough by Lanzz

The amazing Lanzz wrote, perhaps the most complete walkthrough you will ever find of the game. Also it seems he was able to acquire all the holy weapons available in the game.

The GameFAQ link:

The Neoseeker link:

Kudos and many many thanks to you Lanzz. Now, I didn’t know you had the hacking skill to get those un-revealed texts as well!

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26 Responses to Partia 3 Walkthrough by Lanzz

  1. Gray Helen says:

    Dear, i really love recruit feature of partia 3. But i can’t set icon charater for Unit. It sent me error “this image can’t support to be edit”. Pls help me

    • felover says:

      Hi Helen, I know that functionality doesn’t work for some Android devices. But let me try another wrestle with it. What device are you using?

      Thank you!

      • Gray Helen says:

        Thank you for your feedback, the device I am using is Asus zenfone Max 3 X00DD, android 8.1.0 / hope you will have a way to help me, thank you very much /i used google translate :)) forgive me /

        • felover says:

          Hi Helen, of course I’ll try to help you to the best of my ability. Sorry the functionality is not working! It is just that particular phone isn’t available among my circle, but there might be something similar. I’ll spend the weekend trying to resolve the issue!

        • felover says:

          Hi Helen, I’ve trying to make that image picker thing to work for all devices but it may not be possible. I think the problem boils down to that those chosen and cropped image has to be saved into the game’s private folder (because it has to be read by the game) but I don’t think all phones allow such action. The only true fix would be to save the image into some other public location and read from them but since that would be game engine level change to it will take more time!
          Sorry I couldn’t resolve your issue quickly!

          • Gray Helen says:

            Thanks for helping me, I appreciate it. Also I discovered a bug: if I create a new game and when I have completed a match, I put all the items and weapons into the general store, save the game, then click on the next game, then choose suspend to Go to the main screen and press new game. All items in stock will be transferred to this new game

            • Gray Helen says:

              Oh my god!! Thanks for suggest :v i can set icon now. Before game use gg drive to open image.

            • felover says:

              Wow! Really! Thanks Helen! You were right I wasn’t initializing the inventory at new game. It was initialized at launch/load/resume only. It’s a neat trick but I’ll fix this in the next release!

              • Gray Helen says:

                Haha, I just accidentally discovered this bug in my desperate moment and tried to create new game :v i hope that information helpful to you :v have a nice day

                • felover says:

                  Of course it was a great help and I plugged up another hole that I missed! As for the portrait issue, I’m having hard time saving cropped image to phone’s photo folder but I’m sure I’ll eventually solve this issue. Thank you very much Helen!

    • Gray Helen says:

      Another bug: when i deloy unit form stage 8.1 to stage 9. The 8th and 13th units cannot deploy. If you choose that unit, in stage 9 you can’t find them. Pls check this mr.Felovor

  2. Gray Helen says:

    8th and 14th :)))

  3. noobalot says:

    Lanzz, I think you didn’t visit all the houses in Chapter 2 with Vega. You get better items with him than with any other unit.

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