States of Things

It has been roughly 6 months since I’ve finished and released Partia 3, although the development was never over as I’m just finishing up 64 bit builds of all three games for Google Playstore, that are required before August 1st.

Gosh I pray they works for 64 bit devices. I had to purchase a new used laptop just to work on those upgrades! On the other hand I’m fully migrated from Windows 7 to 10 as the result.

As for Partia 3, it sold grand total of 287 copies over last six months across the platforms. The number doesn’t look too good (in fact, at all) but strangely I have no hard feeling about it, probably because I left it all out there, as far as Partia 3 is concerned, as my very best effort, win or lose.

My desire to work on a new game is slowly coming back, although I would rather not do another solo-dev-5-years project, to be honest. That means another SRPG is not in the queue.

Story-wise, I always wanted to continue with Pell (who is Partia 2 main character) and his adventures, sort of like, Partia 2-2, or 2-3, etc, if they are to be SPRG, or with some other title, fitting a spin-off.

I’ve always loved Pell character who is neither a prince nor a lord with a big destiny to fulfill, but a simple, working class/blue collar man. Beside eventually being an ancestor to Alexis, I think there are a lot of nice ways to make up the stories!

Perhaps I’ll start a writer search to do things properly this time (no more my non-native English skill debacle please!) and go from there.

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10 Responses to States of Things

  1. Lanzz says:

    Good luck, bro..

  2. Matt M says:

    Just want to say that while your games have their flaws, it was obvious to me at least that they were definitely a labor of love. I think that when a game is made by people who are passionate about what they’re doing it always shows through, and as someone who was really aching for a Fire Emblem-esque game on portable devices, I definitely appreciate the effort you gave!

    • felover says:

      Wow Matt, your kind words means a lot to me! Thank you very much! Yeah it was a passion and an obsession with me for very many years to complete those Partia games. I probably paid dearly for them as well in terms of time, energy, and opportunity cost, but honestly I tell you I have not much regret, if any. I hope everyone can get the joy of making something they love. Thanks and please let me know if you have any idea or feedback. Thanks again!

  3. Joshua says:

    First of all, I’m playing Partia 3 right now and I deadly love it! As a FE fan oh god knows how delighted I was when finding this game. I am so grateful for Imago team’s effort to create this wonderful game so that I can spend much fun time on it. I wonder if u still check comments on this site today since I realize that the last post was many months ago… yet I do have a question about the game, that is the skill counter attacker. I want to figure out what it does since I don’t understand the phrase ´´30% to hit countering´´ and fail to test it out in gameplay. I assumed it was to raise dmg when attacked but I didn’t find difference, can anyone tell me what does this skill do?

    • Dustin says:

      Hi Joshua! Thanks and I’m super glad you are enjoying the game! If you have any question and such you can always ask me for a definitive answer lol. The skill description means the unit has higher chance of successfully hitting the opponent when countering, which means when the unit is attacked. Btw it also means the unit will take evasion penalty as well. So I think it is a really useful skill to a high def tanking unit. Does this make more sense?

      • Joshua says:

        Yes thanks a lot! Now I’m ready to give it a try, I just recruited an amor L with that skill. Thanks for answering and again, brilliant game!

      • Joshua says:

        Hi Dustin, I got a new question here!Is the class Kahn’s str limit 30 or 40? I’ve tried like hundred times and haven’t got a result any higher than 30 so just wanna make sure and maybe stop trying!

        • felover says:

          Hi Joshua, wow that’s amazing that you’re testing the str limit of Kahn class. Its str upper limit is 30 so you are really maxed out! I will post the stat limit of all classes FYI, thank you!

          • Joshua says:

            Nice. I’m actually glad that I have maxed out the limit coz if it be 40 I would have no chance to reach the limit and it’d be painful for me:)

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