Partia 3 Character growth

‘Spector Knight’ from iOS asked if character stat growth for P3 was available. I guess I’m making it available now! Thank you whoever playing Partia games! I hope it helps in this days of self quarantine!

This also reminds me I’ve hidden something major in the game expecting someone to find it accidentally but it will never be found.

(c to denote ‘chance’ as in stat gain chance at level up)

//hp, hpc, str, strc, skl, sklc, spd, spdc, mgc, mgcc, def, defc, luk, lukc, mov, movc

{20,120,6,45,8,60,8,35,1,20,7,40,15,70,5,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_ALEXIS,
{15,70,3,30,5,30,5,30,3,25,2,20,5,30,5,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_CECIL,
{12,60,2,20,9,35,4,40,7,35,2,20,5,20,5,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_REINHARD,
{20,70,6,35,9,40,9,45,0,10,5,35,5,20,5,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_GERAL,
{22,80,8,40,4,30,4,25,0,10,9,60,5,20,5,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_MEGFIN,
{15,70,4,30,6,40,5,40,1,5,3,40,7,25,7,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_KUNTZ,
{42,80,14,30,17,30,12,30,3,5,14,30,5,20,8,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_BAYNARD,
{22,70,13,30,12,30,14,30,5,5,11,40,8,30,8,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_FIONA,{45,60,7,20,22,30,22,30,25,60,9,30,15,20,6,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_EREL,
{45,80,14,40,12,35,13,35,3,10,9,40,10,25,5,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_SHIA,
{70,70,30,30,35,30,35,30,40,5,25,40,0,25,6,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_SEGINUS,
{50,70,12,30,30,30,30,30,30,5,20,40,0,20,6,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_WAYNA,
{55,70,30,30,30,30,30,30,25,5,30,40,10,20,7,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_ALTEBARAN,
{15,70,3,30,11,30,12,30,10,60,1,20,15,30,5,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_KATRINA,
{55,70,25,30,25,30,20,30,8,5,18,40,5,20,8,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_TRUEL,
{55,70,24,40,30,40,28,40,18,20,20,35,5,10,8,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_MAKRINGER,
{60,70,30,30,30,30,30,30,20,5,25,40,10,20,8,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_HILT,{22,70,8,20,11,35,14,50,5,10,5,20,10,30,6,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_HEM,
{17,80,4,30,3,40,10,50,2,10,2,25,5,40,5,2}, //CHAR_PRESET_FLETCH,
{40,70,11,30,13,30,12,30,3,5,13,40,10,20,8,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_DENEVRA,
{20,50,3,10,8,25,8,30,10,35,0,10,5,20,5,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_ATKA,
{35,80,15,30,5,25,10,30,1,5,14,40,5,20,6,3}, //CHAR_PRESET_FAELIN,
{33,60,15,30,20,30,25,40,10,25,14,30,30,30,7,5}, //CHAR_PRESET_TALYN,
{45,70,14,30,24,40,20,35,28,50,15,30,7,20,6,2}, //CHAR_PRESET_REQUINA,

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2 Responses to Partia 3 Character growth

  1. Pat says:

    finished partia 2. much better than the 1st.
    on 3 now, is there no more guild man offering jobs?
    mine says no jobs available. main story is much harder as i can’t level up characters.

    • felover says:

      Hi Patrick!

      Lol awesome! I’m glad you’ve finished Partia 2 and enjoyed it to boot.

      Now as for Partia 3, there are a few changes in the game system: infinite items in the intermission shops, recruitable characters from HQ (after stage 5?) arena is available after stage 7, shops/arena are not available in every intermission depending on the story, etc.

      I remember doing everything in my power to make the game challenging just enough to squeak by every stage without ever using the arena to farm the characters, in expert mode, although there is no real way to grow a late HQ recruit without it so I removed the restriction on number of arena can be used.

      The game was made to be hard but I’m sure it’s fitting end to the Partia story. I suggest turning off the expert mode if it’s just too much: you can do it before you start the game or any time in the intermission option.

      Thank you!


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