2021, and it’s already February

So much has happened to all of us last year with the global pandemic, and I have been focusing on improving my own health and fitness as the top priority. I hope everyone is well and doing the same.

As for Partia, I’m finally starting to make another game, and hopefully I can use this blog as a devlog and periodically and regularly update my progress of the new project.

I started the work of refactoring the monstrosity that Partia engine became during those years I didn’t really care about good coding practices, because I was so busy scripting all those stages (around 60 of them if you combine Partia 1, 2, 3) where the data is all jumbled together (e.g. map data/unit data/ai data are all inter-linked) the engine was only good at one thing: making SRPG Partia games.

So the first thing I’m trying to do is to modularize the major factors of the game such as the battle simulator to be independent of the Partia’s stage data, so it can be used in other context: say to simulate any battle between two individuals, monsters, or armies etc. That means the battle logic shouldn’t be so involved in the character animations/exp/level ups, unless the simulator is being used back in the Partia game. I am doing this because I want to present a battle of large armies that is more number based, than unit based. Also I would like to use the battle rules in other battle formats than SRPG.

Anyways, the last thing I want is to have another 5 years project working by myself like I had to for Partia 3, so every time a modularization is complete, I will make a small demo that uses the feature, and just release it for free for fun.

P.S. (2021.02.15) OMG, decoupling the battle logic from the game is forcing me to restructure everything: namely unit, map, game rules and all the helper functions around those unholy trinity. LOL after two weeks I can’t still compile the hit/miss probability setup logic. I’ve never realized I’ve added so much logic around who and what is near and far in the games.

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6 Responses to 2021, and it’s already February

  1. Patrick Camacho says:

    looking forward to it.
    just finished partia 3 and it was well worth it.
    keep up to good job. just a little request, please make a difference between the male/female characters in battle/map

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    • felover says:

      Wow congratulations! Thank you Patrick. It was indeed the best of my offerings lol and I hope you enjoyed the journey.
      The thing is I could never find an artist that could replicate Matt’s works on the character sprites the rate I could afford, and I’ve tried numerous. I guess it was a stroke of luck for me to meet Matt when he was just out of school and looking for anything to do. Now he is well established artist with children and can’t work for peanuts.
      Sometimes I wish my divorce didn’t make make me much poorer, but on the bright side I got time to work on things I like and no one to object to it, and it’s a fair trade that I have no regret.
      Anyways that means I am limited in my art resources to things I can buy from various game asset stores but I let’s see how this challenge can be tackled!

  2. Noobalot says:

    Yo, it’s been a good and long while but have you ever considered working with SRPG Studio or at least making plugins for it?

    I really enjoyed creating units in Partia 3 and with all the weirdly allocated growth rates turning an armored unit into a magic tank and having a thief hitting real hard but not being able to land a hit. It would be pretty cool to still have that as a feature regardless of what happens.

    • felover says:

      Well, to be fair if I’m making an SRPG, I already have an engine that I’ve built over a decade and don’t need a tool like SRPG Studio: that is unless I’m working in a team that can co-op around that tool, so some teammates can work on the animation while other can work on scripts, etc. I must tell you making an SRPG is not technically challenging, but I found the bulk of work was about writing the whole story (with all the branching dialogues) and presenting that story once the engine was built. Even small games like Partia series had like 50 story scenes, where in later games I opted for a picture background rather than sprite acted ones. Knowing the workload, I understand why most of hobby projects wouldn’t get finished.
      LOL I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the character making. Adopting that to Android still gives me some creeps as that portrait importing would crash in so many devices for reasons I couldn’t fathom. Right now I am envisioning some army battles where a hero would lead its own group, and most of the commanders will have to be generated! So the chance is that unit generator hasn’t seen the last of it.

  3. Matt M says:

    Hey mate, really excited to hear you’re working on a new project! Partia series was a great adventure and an ambitious undertaking for an indie dev; I’ve definitely got a soft spot in my heart for it. I think maybe it just needed a little more polish for others to appreciate it as such 😉

    I think you’ve said in the past that English isn’t your first language? If you decided you want some help with game script / world building or even just proof reading when you get to that point, I’d love to help you out. Take care!

    • felover says:

      Oh that’s very kind of you to offer Matt! LOL Yeah I feel I’ve given my blood and sweat (and maybe some tears too) to the Partia games during their development, and despite numerous setbacks and unpolished outcome, always feel like I’ve scrapped together the best I could.
      Also I swore last time I’d not start making an RPG/SRPG game without a team with me but I guess such serendipity will not happen without some actual active recruitment. I really hated seeing the revolving list of people with short term enthusiasm quickly followed by basically nothing, so I assume it’ll be a test of (great) patience before I can happen upon matching interests and grit!

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